Ease Chart

Fitted, close fitting, loose fitting, semi fitted, very loose fitting...these are terms you'll find in the garment descriptions in this catalog and on our pattern envelopes. They are our standard for fit and are the terms that tell you exactly what to anticipate when it comes to fitting. Each term indicates a general amount of wearing ease and design ease that is built into the pattern. Ease is the amount of "space" in a garment beyond the body measurements; the specific amount of ease will vary from style to style.

Misses' Ease Allowances
 Bust AreaHip Area
SilhouetteDresses, Blouses,
Shirts, Tops, Vests
JacketsCoatsSkirts, Pants,
Shorts, Culottes
Lined or Unlined
Close-Fitting0 - 27/8"not applicable0 - 17/8"
Fitted3 - 4"33/4 - 41/4"51/4 - 63/4"2 - 3"
Semi-Fitted41/8 - 5"43/8 - 53/4"67/8 - 8"31/8 - 4"
Loose-Fitting51/8 - 8"57/8 - 10"81/8 - 12"41/8 - 6"
Very Loose-Fittingover 8"over 10"over 12"over 6"