Resin Alchemy

Susan Lenart Kazmer
  • Susan covers molding and casting, plus working with color and texture in projects. This is the only book to go beyond the basics.
  • Readers will come away with more ideas than they can explore at any one time.
  • Susan's national and international workshops sell out on a regular basis; this book brings her classes to the at-home jewelry maker.

Resin Alchemy offers detailed step-by-step technique tutorials on using resin, from the basics of mixing and pouring, to using bezels, to key metalworking techniques that expand design options.

Readers will learn how to incorporate stories, words, meaningful images, and more in the layers of their resin jewelry. Susan shares her wealth of tips for collecting great found objects and for layering and encasing stories--in short, how to bring both great technique and great imagination to bear on jewelry making.

ISBN-13 9781596686441

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