Redwork from the Workbasket

Rebecca Kemp Brent

100 Designs for Machine and Hand Embroidery

Redwork embroidery, long admired for it's simple homey designs, is more popular than ever. And what better source for great redwork designs than The WORKBASKET®,a classic magazine with a 60-year tradition of providing readers with great, do-able crafting projects. Now Redwork from The WORKBASKET® makes it easy to re-create the warm, nostalgic feel of vintage redwork designs on your linens, aprons, even quilts, whether you embroider by hand or machine.

Inside you get:

  • A CD-ROM containing 100 vintage designs digitized for machine embroidery in seven common machine formats.
  • 12 projects, from an apron and wall art to a bed quilt, presented in easy-to-follow transfers.
  • How-to basics for both machine and hand embroidery, a design index, plus features on the history of redwork and The WORKBASKET®

ISBN-10 0896899721
ISBN-13/EAN 9780896899728

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