Machine Embroidery With Confidence

Nancy Zieman

A Beginner's Guide

Nancy Zieman, the nation's most recognized and revered sewing expert, teaches aspiring and experienced embroiderers everything they need to know to master this craft. An easy-to-understand tutorial explains the basics of machine embroidery, and detailed photos depict every step of using these machines for top-notch results. Readers will learn about what tools are needed, how to organize the embroidery area, types of machines, designs, templating/positioning, software, stabilizers, hooping, fabrics, problem shooting and finishing touches. The book also features a glossary of common terms, and the final chapter features ideas for moving beyond the basics and taking those new skills to the next level!

  • Easy-to-follow tutorial for beginners in machine embroidery
  • Features a glossary of common terms
  • Provides inspiration for moving beyond the basics into more advanced projects

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