The Jewelry Maker's Field Guide

Helen Driggs
  • Authoritative overview of basic (and not-so basic) metalworking tools, and all the techniques they can be used for
  • Structured like a complete course in metalworking
  • Cross-referenced and highly visual guide gives an at-a-glance take; demos and projects then take the reader further, giving a hands-on-approach to learning

Jewelry Maker's Field Guide walks readers through the variety of metalworking tools available and offers guidance on setting up a studio, buying and organizing supplies, and determining what tools to buy and when. Organizing tools along basic functions, Helen Driggs offers a solid and logical overview of metalworking techniques, and teaches sets of related skills, showing how different tools can sometimes achieve the same end. Each chapter includes stepped demos and applied techniques for using particular tools.

ISBN-13 9781596689763

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