Cross-Stitch to Calm

Stitch and De-Stress with 40 Simple Patterns
Leah Lintz

For coloring book graduates, this crafts-meets-meditation approach features simple cross-stitch patterns for stitching sessions that maximize fun and minimize stress. The repetitive nature of cross-stitching not only lets stitchers relax, restore, and clear their minds, it gives them a pretty piece to frame and admire when they're done 40 sublime cross-stitch patterns along with calming verbiage reflect mellow themes based on easy-to-stitch shapes, such as a sailboat, an origami bird, a tree branch, and wildflowers. Thousands of cross-stitch patterns by author Leah Linz, the designer behind WooHoo Cross Stitch, have been purchased by stitchers from more than 35 countries

ISBN-13 9781632504531

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