Sewing Room Organizers
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Wall Organizer A, B, C, D: One 15" x 15". B, C, D: Front pocket. Hanging Organizer E, F: 17½" x 15½"; front pocket. Iron Cover G: 4¾" x 11¾". Ironing Board Organizer H: 10" x 34". Sewing Machine Organizer I: 14¾" x 12". Pincushion/Scrap Trash J: Contrast bottom. Mug Organizer K: 3½" x 3"; inside and outside pockets. Chair Back Organizer L: 14" x 11"; contrast pocket. Chair Seat Organizer M: 16" x 14". Seat cushion and side sections with pockets. A, B, C, D, E, F, G, K, L: Purchased bias tape.

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